recap of the first half of this week...

Posted: January 9, 2008

i've been slacking a bit at this. i want to keep this going throughout the year but i've been running about, meeting with people... very good meetings... with very good people. but perhaps if i can't even find the time to write here i'm doing too much? mmmm... ehhhh... thats probably not true. i do a lot of other stupid things too i guess.

such a rollercoaster the last 2 days. pretty nice... to super duper great... to super duper low. and then just a steady climb back to reality. and then again pretty nice. and now here i am.

i got to meet w/ j bolan and talk to them about worship and leading. it was nice i think but i felt like john was nervous. but why be nervous? it's me! but as i've written in some of my other writings, that it's only after i talk about something to someone that all the knowledge in my head becomes solidified. it's like my head just has a lot of goo that solidifies into blocks when i say em out loud.

yesterday i also got a chance to meet up w/ dorcas. i don't see her often but it's always a good meet up. catching up on life and stuff. zen sushi's always great. and got some venieros (spelled right? too lazy to check) afterwards. i like meeting up with people just to chat. pretty great.

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