forgetting god’s promises

Posted: July 19, 2008
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just got home from a day out w/ family... but i wanted to get some thoughts that got me last night during prayer meeting. yes yes, i know usually friday prayer meetings rub me the wrong way but once in a while i get something heavy that causes me to really pray. i think my hands start to shake or i start breathing more heavily than i usually do... or maybe its just that i dont pass out and fall asleep.

something pb said prompted me to pray for the sins of our church...the main topic i think pb asked us to pray for 5 or 6 times... he just stated it in 5 or 6 different ways, but to me as i was praying it was just one topic. and what i was praying for was that we would know god. all the specifics pb brought up like "lack of faith", "building our identity on something other than him" or "tiredness of leaders" and so on all came back to "knowing god" for me. here are some thoughts i typed onto my phone bc i couldnt find a pen around:

  • we know how to LOOK LIKE we know god, but we don't know god. i don't think i need much explanation here.
  • we don't know that our god is a god of promises. god's promises come through his word and we know that what god says will happen. when god says he'll take care of us we don't really believe that. when god tells us that he is good we know it but we don't believe it.
  • the next thing is almost cliche... i almost don't to state it but i did write it down, but i'll expand a bit on it: we don't seek God, we seek his gifts. i think too often we seek to have certain gifts of the spirit more than seeking to know god more deeply. we seek the gifts of tongues or of prophesy but do not seek the knowledge of him and his love.
  • not thats its totally automatic but i think knowing him makes the other specific things that we prayed for come more naturally: community, missions, freedom.

in brief that's about it.

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