in cuzco

Posted: December 1, 2008

i´m in cuzco. i have altitude sickness. im le tired. tomorrow day 1 of 4 day hike to machupichu. i hope i dont die

4 comments on “in cuzco”

  1. i'm climbing my mountain, step by step...i'm climbing my mountain, day by day...i'm climbing my mountain, all the way...i'm climbing my mountain...I'M GONNA MAKE IT!!!

    one step at a step at a tiiiiiiiiiiimmmmee...

  2. eeek altitude sickness?? i got that when i was in cuzco too. but it got better within 12 hours (sleep and lots of mate de coco). anyways.. i hope you survived the hike...! PICTURES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!