peru 2: the 4 day inca trail hike

Posted: December 8, 2008

the second part of the trip and probably the most painful yet extremely rewarding part of the trip was the inca hike. in the beginning i suffered from altitude sickness which made it difficult to breathe and i constantly had a throbbing headache. by the 3rd day i was feeling good tho and 4th day was adjusted. along the hike we saw some amazing landscapes. a lot of the pictures i'm gonna post are just landscapes because the mountain views were so breath taking.

there were 4 of us in the trek group + 2 tour guides + 8 porters (one which was a cook who made amazing food with very limited resources in the andes! he even BAKED a cake IN A PAN!... like... on a frying pan... on a gas stove... wow!). the porters carried the large equip like tents and food and mats and cooking gear.

we camped every night in the mountains at designated camp sites (except for the first night where we stayed at one of our porter's family's farms). outside our tents would be random dogs that i assumed belonged to the local farmers and other random animals (chickens, donkeys, horses, ducks). anyway... here are the pictures from the hike.