updates from the week

crazy week for me. an unordered list of things:

  1. i got lasik surgery
  2. recovery from the surgery did not go as expected so i was unable to see properly for a few days.
  3. for WP development, i did a little work on DamnSexyBookmarks. eventually all my changes were merged with SexyBookmarks. dropped my fork and will continue working w/ Josh in the parent project.
  4. went to eye doctor’s a few times.
  5. played a lot of violin since i don’t need to see anything to play music.
  6. today i’m back on the internets! tho vision is still blurry like saved by the bell dream land.


3 responses to “updates from the week”

  1. Glad to see you’re back! Hope the eyes get better now… You didn’t tell me you’d had Lasik, I thought your eyes were just giving out on you or something! LOL

  2. Simon told me that your lasik surgery went wrong and that you could only see in black and white.

    I didn’t believe him.

  3. wow. i can’t believe u did it! did it hurt??