the neverending story

Posted: September 8, 2009

for the past week or so i've been reading this book:


when i was younger, i loved this movie and i had very fond memories of it... though i don't think i really understood what was going on... i think i just liked that there were weird creatures in it and i thought falkor was pretty cool.

i liked this so much that during my freshmen year in college i made some friends watch suffer through it with me. i thought it would have the same wonder effect i got as a kid but it turned out to be a big joke for most of em... because... i dunno... it was so silly... very much a product of the 80's. (look at the music video for it. it's awesome: . the user disabled embedding so you'll have to click the link) i still hold on to childhood memories of it though and still think it's worth watching.

anyway, it never occurred to me that the movie was based on the book 'til quite recently... i never really read books as a kid and definitely didnt think about reading them before watching a movie. after reading it i can understand why the directors of the movie made some parts w/ bastian so weird and awkward... because the book writes them in that way... but it's less ridiculous in book form.

so if you want some weird fantasy leisure reading, read this book. it's a bit scatterbrained but i thought it was a fun read... escaping to another world... and recalling some memories of the movie. enjoy!

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