today the dmv screwed me over

Posted: September 29, 2009

as some may know, the last month+ i've been learning to drive (yes i'm the last in my family to learn. there's really no need to drive when you live in manhattan). this morning was supposed to be my road test. i was pretty confident everything would go well...

i arrive at the test site w/ steph at about 8am... wait for a while... and finally it was my turn to go.

about 10 seconds into the drive, the proctor (i don't know what else to call her) asks me if i'm wearing contacts (she could obviously tell i wasn't wearing glasses). i instinctively said "no"... because well... it's the truth. i got lasik done back in april and my vision has been fine since. we make one turn and she tells me to 3-point turn back to the starting point. i was thinking "wow that was a lot shorter than i thought"

when we reach the parking lot, she tells me "you're not allowed to take this road test because your learner's permit says you wear corrective lenses. get that changed at the dmv and reschedule.

!@#~!@#%$#% it's probably gonna cost me money to get another permit that i'll need for a like... a week just so i can take another road test.

SO DUMB. i hate the DMV.

6 comments on “today the dmv screwed me over”

  1. dude that sucks... all govn't run organizations are mostly incompetent... dmv is right up there with getting ur passport / visa / medicare / medicaid... it's downright inefficient and stupid...

    in any case, so surprised that you're getting it done in the first place
    what compelled u?