a long week

Posted: September 3, 2018

this was a tough week+. i did too many things. but i don’t like admitting that i can’t do it. i mean… i can… but it definitely takes a toll on me. it was the last week before school started so there were lots of last hurrah outings: selah birthday, sesame place, wife bday, preaching at vision 1, friend’s bday, visiting friends for summer, coney island, song leading + cem worship leading, preaching at vision 2. at the end of it i started secreting caffeine through my pores. pretty spent. it was good that labor day immediately followed. a day full of goodness: friends, food, traditions, rest in the way that we can enjoy life together. it was hot. a food destination was closed. babies falling asleep everywhere. but all in all, very full and life-giving. school starts this week for the girls. this was a good breath before the fall rhythm… likely a syncopated odd step rhythm… begins.

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