coming back

Posted: September 1, 2019

resurrecting this... again (for the fourth or fifth time now?). summer has been hectic. full of transitions. several steps in ordination examination. lots of challenges w/ church leadership and growth and wanting people to want growth.

i had a good and full sunday. the start of this month. labor day is tomorrow so i went to Vision. joseph preached a sermon on growth and character. it gave me a lot to consider with regard to leadership and growth at church and some of my initatives that i've had to give up on. (i really should write down my reflections on that... should've wrote it earlier so i can reflect on it in the future. i will.)

so again... i will renew my commitment to writing more regularly. expressing my thoughts and struggles with life and ministry. document more of my nerdy or artistic endeavors... all this for my growth and spiritual health... both for me and my family.