beauty cuts through

Posted: September 11, 2019

i was listening to the Typology podcast the other day where they had a panel of Enneagram 5s. I think 5s often get shafted when it comes to books and podcasts. we generally don't like to put ourselves out there... especially in a recorded medium. my experience w/ coursework at school around the enneagram often left 5s hanging. seminary didn't know exactly how to deal w/ them; maybe they're better now.

anyway, i wanted to write about something i really resonated with from the podcast. Ian, the host, noticed that every member of the 5s panel spoke about beauty as something they pursue or desire, which i also found interesting (and also true in my own experience). why would 5s, who are often sideline observers and data miners have interest in beauty/art/aethestics? the realization was that beauty cuts through the busyness of our minds. 5s often initially process the world through thinking and analysis, but beauty -- true beauty -- has a way of cutting through the noise of our thoughts and skips the line of all our ideas lining up to be processed and goes right to our core. this is how true beauty in the world can often bring me to tears (usually just a water eye so no one else can see). this is why i often feel a swell of emotion when i see something sublime in the world.