while the music plays at starbucks

Posted: January 15, 2008

after dentist appointment for the first of 2 multi-cavity filling visits, i got to hang out with peter and tiff at a starbucks nearby. there are some people who are just nice to be around any time of day—even if they call you up late at night to hang out or ask that you wake up early to grab breakfast together. i can easily say peter and tiff are among them. we could sit around all day and just enjoy each other's company. we got to just catch up on life. talk about future stuff. even tease each other about this or that. (i'm being intentionally vague about details. find your gossip somewhere else)...

and now that i think about it, i can talk to them about spiritual things without feeling too... well... "spiritual." i don't show my "spiritual" side too often because i don't want to appear like i'm on cloud nine when i'm not. but with good friends, i can talk about it and know i'm not being perceived the wrong way. i can talk about the bible without feeling like they think me some crazy bible reading maniac (because honestly, i'm not). all i want to say here is that friends are great.

we talked for a while drinking our tea, coffee, and apple cider. peter had to leave a little early because he sleeps early and has a wife to go home to. tiff any i chatted 'til she had to go to her train. a good night with friends while music played at starbucks.

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