drinking and the christians

Posted: January 16, 2008

"confession": i drink.

and by drink i don't mean in the duh duh sense that we all drink water, OJ, etc. i mean that from time to time, i pick up beers when i grocery shop, and from time to time i meet up w/ some friends and chat over some shots. it just so happens that some of these friends serve with me on worship team at church.

i had an interesting discussion with my pastor about it last night. its such a touchy issue... in my eyes its a very unnecessary issue. one of the things that irk me is when people take cultural norms and try to make them biblical norms. as far as my biblical understanding goes, alcohol is not inherently wrong. i don't think any thinking person could make any such claim. so i guess it bothers me that people have this presupposition that drinking is bad.

the end result of our discussion is that we both recognized the problem that people have a false perception of the whole drinking business. the difference we had was that we approached the problem differently. he would rather we abstain to avoid possibly stumbling people who thought it was bad... kinda like a "people are not ready for it" kind of thing. while my approach was more of a trying to bring the practice back into the light... redeem it in a sense. i understand how my preference might be risky but i'm thinking "when are people ever gonna be ready for it?". so yeah... maybe in a few years i'll look back and think the safer approach is better.

ok i think thats how i'm gonna end this post.

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