rcf freshmen

Posted: February 8, 2008

i'm writing this post while this blog isn't even public... so the people i mention probably won't ever see this... and even by the time i make this blog public, this post will probably far buried behind others....

so since winter... during reading week, i've started to get to know a handful of freshmen from rcf... at first there were 2: jeremy and anna. we were studying/working/playing on 2nd floor lounge... they nearly burned the place down with left over menorah candles... and that was the start of it all.

then there was the long night... i mean... all-nighter at irwin's place... omg insanity. bommy, kevin and vicky joined us for this (+ the initial two). nerts nerts nerts. guitar hero til people play in their sleep (7am-ish)... except i couldn't sleep... because i had to go work. and what a wonderful work day it was! i told theresa (my supervisor) not to give me any super critical tasks... because i'll probably screw up or something with my half-functioning brain. but all in all its one of those things that makes you so crazy tired but you don't regret doing it. i'd do it again. i can't wait for the next study week.

over winter break jeremy and i get tea time in chinatown. he's friends w/ some of my SDC students! hahaha. kinda cool. we know the same people... my kids from SDC back in the day who are all grown up now i guess but its hard to think them the same age... all the while i had some intriguing chats online... i'll get to these later. more things that have been happening. late night breaking fast together... hami's... riddles... games games and more games. lately we've been tossing! the freshmen can toss! finally! people who share my only [pseudo-]athletic passion! and new person to add to the group: esther.

so onto the quality time stuff (fun and games are super quality too... but this is slightly diff) in somewhat a shout-out-ish format. i won't reveal much here because well... it would take too long. but i'll just say how they've blessed or challenged me. jeremy... you're a fun guy. i love having a younger brother on campus that i can always call up. you're very quirky... i would even say spazzy sometimes. you kinda remind me of tien (another tall skinny spazzy kid from my year) actually i'm blessed not only by this but also because i think i met the other people through you... i think i wouldve felt weird meeting everyone without you for some reason. anna... we've had some very mind/heart expanding conversations on worship... well at least enlightening to me. your different approach has stretched me in my own worship time and church stuff. i feel challenged to give my heart more engagement with what i do... you're also a nerts monster. seriously. crazy. bommy... hmmm you're quite the mysterious one so i havent gotten to know you that well yet... but you surround yourself with good people which makes you super great so i expect to know you better and your quirks soon (like your fob music likings, photo interests and bourne). esther... ive only met you recently but we've had some good conversation yeah? all the while your dying computer is chugging along in the background. your mental song base is more extensive as mine i think and it's cool we share views on songs and like the "nerdier"/"wordier" songs. you think deep. that is cool.

there's a few more people i'm just beginning to get to know... the many daves and a stephen who i kinda met yesterday thru some nerts and disc playing. i just see great things with this class. they love each other like no other class ive seen as of late... friends before school... fellowship before studying... it's awesome. i'm very encouraged by this class. super! yay! done!