february was a tough month

Posted: March 5, 2008

yeah as the title says... february was by far one of the most event-packed months ever. i've never had such a rest-less month in my life. 3 weekend retreats in a row should pretty much kill anybody. so just trying to think back right now and remember what happened... it's all just a blur.

the worship team retreat was overall really really good. really good bonding time. really good talks about worship team and how it's been going and also how we'd like it to be in the future. i'm glad we got together even though not everyone was there. of the three retreats, this one was the most like a retreat because we actually got some rest... despite staying up ridiculously late.

then there was the arcola trip. overall pretty fun. but things were all a mess in my mind... the kids were fun but not as crazy as last year. they played the thumper game again without the allstars from last year. i love watching them play that game. its freakin hilarious. the sermons i remember were very ummm... strange. it was almost like the speakers were trying to out-do one another in sharing embarrassing stories from each of their childhoods. worship w the jg guys was fun. it's been a long while since we've played together. i did lose my voice at this retreat tho. on the last night it was just whatever i had left... which i guess made monday morning set kinda hoarse... but whatevs... "do it for the kids!"

then there was the rwc retreat. i'm glad many people got blessed. the way i got "blessed" was a little mixed. there was the usual frustration w/ rwc communication. rwc communication is pretty awesomely fantastically spectacular! i dont think i'm bitter... i think bitterness feels different... i think i would describe it more as... disappointment.... like i would expect more after doing stuff so many times... geez why is my grace so limited??? almost makes me wish i had a smaller skill set so i won't be asked to do certain things. well... after retreat people usually ask how it impacted you and i think the only thing i could come up w/ after some brief reflection is that God gave me a taste of what it feels like to be utterly spent. i haven't been spent to the point of breaking since high school days when i used to try to do everything. the diff this time around i that i didn't want to do anything extra. after retreat i went straight to a tecbc meeting.

so yeah tiring... march will be good.