tired yet blessed

Posted: March 22, 2008

i've been so tired lately... but so unbelievably blessed.

things with steph have been going pretty well... when things get crazy she knows exactly how to calm me down and help me figure stuff out. it's been pretty great. i've been getting to know the freshmen better too and i think/hope earning their trust and friendship. i really like the different viewpoints they have on stuff... and of course how much they love to play... sometimes a little too much.

spring break just a few weeks ago was a pretty big switch in my normal routine of college life. people were away. i had new people to meet for the week. there have been few new friends who've been really cool to get to know. there's james who's my new roomate. and there's daria and maria. we've been shooting pool, grabbing coffee meet ups. doing stuff w/ young adults is pretty cool... its different... there are different things at stake. different concerns in life. maybe this is a transition. i'm sure ill look back in a few weeks and see what all this was about and what everything is leading me to.

but again, i can say this... i'm just incredibly blessed.