Posted: September 29, 2008


this past weekend i went up to boston/cambridge for a veritas forum staff meeting. it was pretty good to meet the rest of the staff and hear their stories. i think i was probably the most awkward one there, but that's nothing new. i felt like i was treated as a king tho. look below at some pictures from my room. i stayed at the harvard faculty club. i felt so underdressed living there.

pretty nice yeah? free food and computer and printer and whatevers i needed/wanted. some people thought it looked like a room from a horror movie.... maybe. oh well. i liked it.

hearing the stories of the other staff and the veritas board was pretty inspiring. i've always felt a bit under qualified to be w/ this team bc they were all so "scholarly" and "accomplished". the conversations they have with each other make me feel like i'm like the dumbest person on the planet. but hearing them talk about their journey and how they got involved and how they continue to support the veritas movement helped me to rethink why i work for them.


i also got a chance to meet up with family. don't wanna write so much so ill just post a lot of pictures.

tiffany is happy drinking sierra mist after her buffalo chicken pizza.

this is my niece mackenzie (im actually not sure if im spelling that right). she's very cute and a very messy icecream eater.

she probably learns from her brother aiden who's also a very messy icecream eater and has a hard time sitting still and pronouncing things correctly. in the picture w/ aiden is doug. he's my cousin betty's boyfriend. i met him over the weekend. before i met him i just thought "carrot top" all the time.

this is craig and betty.

my sister emily. i met her after her IV meeting. she also wanted to order something w/ buffalo chicken too, but ended up getting a quesedilla.

this is my cousin megan. she's a princess. and acts like she's never been outside before. on right is my cousin lily. she's the mom of aiden and mac.

this is my cousin linda. she's crazy and busy. i didn't think i would get to see her but she joined in for breakfast on sunday morning.

this brenda and her son conner. conner is my nephew and he has big cheeks. he also cries a lot, but he has big cheeks.

this is tony my cousin. conner's dad. he was there on a business trip to assure people that they will somehow find a job in our wonderful economy.

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