a weekend away

Posted: October 13, 2008

there was a rwc college retreat this past weekend... which means that my saturday had no meetings. every time this happens i want to take advantage of this fact that i have a free saturday morning. so while rwc cancelled meetings and had a college retreat, i decided to go to steph's church retreat which conveniently happened to be on the same weekend. unfortunately, steph couldn't make it because she had friends visiting new york but it turned out well all the same. introductions still turned out to end with "oh... you're steph's boyfriend", "you're dating steph", "_________ steph ___________ steph __________ something _______ uh... steph." that's okay. at least it's not a bad association.

two reasons i wanted to go: i wanted to go to a retreat to... well... retreat. to get away. to relax. even if only for 1 day.i dont always get "rest" from rwc retreats. its always a bit hectic. it's fun, but its also tiring both physically and spiritually. i think part of it has to do w/ the fact that the vision crowd is older... or at least... more mature. there are less rules and also less reason to need them. people govern themselves. i'm not sure if you could do the same thing at a younger retreat where people are used to being given a program and direction instead of seeking that out on their own.

second reason was that i wanted to go was to get to know people from steph's church and for people from steph's church to know me. i kinda just slip in here and there. and since i don't know anyone that well i just do my usual, stay-quiet, watch people, be awkward thing. i think this is usually an embarassment for steph. haha. people think she's dating a weirdo who's anti-social and reads books and programs/codes while other company is around. well... it's true! haha. anyway, i'm glad i went. there's a lot of people there i have always just awkwardly said 'hi' to because i know i've met them or i've forgotten their names. i finally know who all the carols are. those were always confusing. anyway... that's it for now. it was a good one-day getaway.

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  1. very glad you had a good time! i had hoped to continue doing Vision retreats after i left, but alas... too many in one yr! =P
    miss you, Norms!
    took your advice - and during prayer mtg had more of a personal time of reflection and 'aloneness' with God for the group led by my friend. they loved it. =)