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Posted: October 16, 2008
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last night i had a random unexpected outting w/ nancy. all i wanted to do was bring one of those snow white buns from chinatown that i keep evangelizing about so she could try it since i know she's kinda crazy about foods. afterwards i was supposed to conveniently meet up w/ simon on the east side (where nancy lives) to go to some bike shop, but he decided not to come, so nancy suggested i try this place called artichoke pizza.

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well... at least some of the best pizza i've had in a while. i tried a slice of their margarita which was pretty nice and tasty. crust had a nice crunch but i wouldn't exactly call it "thin crust." the sauce tasted good. i dont know how to describe sauce. it was just good. like... it wasn't bad. then i moved on to their artichoke pizza. WOW. it was like... really awesome cream of artichoke (i actually haven't had that but i've had cream of broccoli and cream of mushroom so i assume its similar) soup with really good bread at the same time. i don't make it to the east side often but i might go there just for this. haha. it was good enough to get a blog post.

maybe i'm the last person to ever try it, bc it seems like people ive talked to have had it already. but if you're in the area... it's worth it... even if there's a line.

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