Posted: October 27, 2008

i went to a coldplay concert last night. pretty good show. just gonna post some pictures and if the upload is finished by the time i finish this post, perhaps a video or two.

steph and me before coldplay came on

coldplay opening with life in technicolor

chris martin dancing around as usual

they had these cool globe things hanging from the ceilings

shot from our seats on the side

i think this was during viva la vida with the timpani and bell.

at some point they decided to run into the crowd on their mini-stage and play "the scientist"

steph and me in the middle of a song with bright lights (i don't remember which)

and finally an almost complete clip of "fix you" (i missed a bit at the beginning of the song fumbling for the camera)

coldplay fix you from izod in NJ from Norman Yung on Vimeo.

2 comments on “coldplay”

  1. i went to a coldplay concert too! but in philly. and they did the same dancing in the audience and whatnot. good show and a reeally long encore.

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