last week

Posted: November 4, 2008

a number of things happened last week that i've been meaning to post about... but never got around to (except for tony's marvin the martian costume).

one was that i got to meet up w/ my HS friend, mei. i think mei and i catch up maybe.... twice a year or so. but every time its always good even tho i was dead tired on tuesday. she's a friend of mine who has been thru a lot and hasn't quite taken the "normal" 4 yr HS, 4 yr college, working adult schedule. but each time i meet with her its good to see that she's doing well. this time especially.... perhaps because it's been a long while since i've seen her last. we got a chance to go to this tea place near st marks that has like tea for super expensive. but they had matcha (a frothy green tea), which i haven't had since my 06 trip to japan. i took some pics.

the matcha rice cake combo

zoom of the tea

the rice cakes

i also went to get lunch w pb... and we went on bikes


quickly afterwards i went celebrate franks bday. we first played a game of assasins in bryant park... yes i kno.... 24 yr olds... in bryant park... with waterguns...





happy birthday frank!

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  1. hi! haha i like the pic of PB riding a bike. he looks like a happy kid =)

    how come you're called 'hoho'? like the snack?