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  • my sisters do funny things

    i hope my sisters don’t mind me posting this video. they made this video for  their friend’s birthday. they have nice singing voices and i thought the video was hilarious. my sisters do funny things and crack me up sometimes.

  • last week

    last week

    a number of things happened last week that i’ve been meaning to post about… but never got around to (except for tony’s marvin the martian costume). one was that i got to meet up w/ my HS friend, mei. i think mei and i catch up maybe…. twice a year or so. but every time…

  • yun is happy!

    yun is happy!

    this is one of the happiest pictures ive seen of my sister tiffany. haha! it makes me laugh. i bought her a case of quaker oh’s cereal for her birthday. more of what she got in the mail here.

  • event packed weekend

    event packed weekend

    this weekend was quite busy. it felt very very long but was very very fun. small group was very fun. good to be back since i was out last week for veritas stuff. haemin’s bday first up is MOM’s (haemin’s) bday thingy! twas good to see her after so long. she was very very happy!…