event packed weekend

Posted: October 6, 2008

this weekend was quite busy. it felt very very long but was very very fun.

small group was very fun. good to be back since i was out last week for veritas stuff.

haemin's bday

first up is MOM's (haemin's) bday thingy! twas good to see her after so long. she was very very happy!

me and MOM!

haemin and funko!

we had cool lights everywhere. that's dan in the middle. and behind him is a big projection of rockband which was played at high volume all night.

Smallgroup Wars 2008

besides having the best cheer ever, we also made out w/ first place! woohoo kneeling ninjas! or.... spamjas! i couldn't take that many pics of my own group since i was involved... but here are a few.

kneeling ninja's right before we go in for the cheer presentations. it was not my idea to look like cats.

some pictures of people outside.

our team picture w/ SPAMalot. #1!

One comment on “event packed weekend”

  1. i am just discovering this new blog! i was so very very happy to see you at my birthday. thanks for making it retardly special in a way that only you can. 🙂