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Posted: November 17, 2008
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i come from a big family. lots of people are surprised to hear there are a total of 5 kids in my immediate family. but my extended family is quite large as well. my dad is number 3 of 5 and my mom is number 7 (i think?) of 10. there are some extended family members who i've never met. or if i've met them i was 2 yrs old and my memory was not functioning. last night my mom's side of the family got together. i see my dad's side of the family all the time so it's no big deal but my mom's side rarely comes together--when they do it's ridiculously happy. i met one of my aunts (and the rest of her family) for the first time last night and she was glowing the whole night.

this is my mom and her sisters that were there last night

the cousins

my parents

my happy aunt and her grandson (my nephew) who was fun and happy too


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