Posted: April 1, 2009

esther linked me to the lolcatbible today. i first ran into this when herman posted this but it wasn't complete then. it's complete now.

i spent a long time reading it.

here's an excerpt from mark 1:

16 An he walkz by Sea uf Galllillllelleelllee n he seez Simon n Andrew and dey iz fishing with nets, cuz thats what tehy does. (kittehs liek fishz)17 An Happy Cat sez "Com wit me n fish for d00dz!"18 An tehy did.19 An He went along n see James n John who was kittehs ov Zebedde. An they r hax0ring da netz n stuff in a bote.20 An He cald thm up an tehy caem 2 n left ther dad an his d00dz back at teh bote.

from ecclesiates 3:

1 theer has is a sison for evryting, and a tiems for every perpos under teh ceiling. 2 a tiemz 2 git kittehs, an a tiems 2 get ded. a tiemz to bury the cheezburger and a time to dig up the cheezburger you has planted. 3 tiemz 4 killin the mouses and tiemz 4 being ok with them but not rly. 4 theres a tiemz 4 lollin and a tiemz 4 not lollin so much. A teimz 4 weepins and a teimz 4 dancin. 5 a tiemz to keep cheezburger and a tiemz to give them away, srsly. teimz 4 hugs, tiemz when hugz are NOT WANTED. 6 a tiemz 4 lookin round and a timez 4 getin bored and stop lookin. 7 a tiemz 2 brak and a teimz 4 fix and a teimz 4 STFU and a teimz 2 talkz.

pretty awesome. comment some good ones that you find. i could spend all day on this.

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  1. Ur butt
    is liek a peach (Solomon 6:7).

    Your cheeks are like halves of a pomegranate
    behind your veil (ESV).