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Posted: April 16, 2009

work has been pretty slow for the last few weeks. i've spent most of my time at work reading blogs, catching up on tv shows and helping herman get some things running on doobybrain.

i think this would be my first time taking a dive into actual wordpress development. in the past i've only helped people style their blogs or do css tweaks and random javascripting... all stuff dealing with presentation, but nothing really with function. those of you who actually come to this site (instead of just seeing this in your reader) may have noticed i started using this plugin that looks like this:


it's a plugin called SexyBookmarks... i know... i didn't name it. it's not the first result in a google search. but i thought it to be a pretty well made plugin; designed rather nicely and cleanly and more or less functions like it's supposed to. when herman had some issues w/ the plugin a few days ago i started looking into it and got in touch w/ the developer, josh jones to propose some fixes. he seems like a really nice guy and even gave me some credit for some of the patches i made that made it in:


i'm still in contact w/ him hoping to get a few more changes in if they get accepted. doing wordpress dev on this plugin has kinda got my feet wet and i wanna work on some plugins of my own so maybe soon this site will have a section of my plugins.

i think the first plugin i work on will be to make a "via" plugin to give credits to artists/blogs herman's been asking for this functionality for a while. maybe there's a plugin for it already... i didn't search. in any case, i figure it should be a pretty easy plugin to start on. after i think i'll make my own facebook connect plugin because the ones i see out there don't work out of the box that well and i think there must be an easier way!

wordpress users out there... any plugin you want me to try to create?

i'm looking for ideas. we'll see how long this run goes or how long this slowness at work lasts.

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  1. how about...a plug-in that lets someone surf the web RIGHT INSIDE someone's website?! awesome! and it would have a full screen option too!

    and you gotta see a doctor about why your feet perspires when doing wordpress development! so yucky...

  2. a plugin that links the calendar to the # of site visits. so if a post from last month was getting a lot of visits, it would grow bigger on the calendar! oh man, that'd be ugly now that i think about it. maybe it could just turn colors.

  3. DamnSexyBookmarks is much cooler than Sociable. Suits our site perfectly but, when activated, the Quick Edit function in the latest WP (2.7.1) overlays Title/Slug/Author etc over the top of the options boxes! Very odd. It's definitely the plugin. Any ideas?
    Thanks, Andy

    1. hey andy, it seems that you eventually read up at my damnsexybookmarks page and saw that i've merged my changes into the parent project. i currently work w/ josh (sexybookmarks founder) to improve the same plugin. glad you like the plugin.

  4. Hi
    I have your plug-in (DamnSexyBookmarks) , on my web site ,http://www.mecosano.info/ ,and it is great but the only problem I have is that when I go whit mouseover the icons it does not show the text like here on this site , it give mi the "Array" text ! Can you help me ???

  5. Any idea how I can change the word that pops up when you hover over the icons? Mine says "array" and I want it to say "Click to share". I have had a look at the code, but I'm stumped. Any help, greatly appreciated!

    1. its a compatibility issue with your server. in the code if u change all the PHP short tags "<?" to proper tags "<?php" you should be good to go

  6. The Roll over text says "array" as opposed to the brand name of the site it is linking to, such as twitter says "Array" in stead of twitter.

    Is their something I can do, or will this be fixed in the update? If so when can I expect the update.