Kenya Snapshots

a few notes to help me remember.

Learning By Heart

When I was four years old, I memorized Psalm 23. Every morning, we recited in our classroom at Perrine Baptist Academy, a few blocks away from my childhood home. I had no idea what it meant. "The Lord is my shepherd... I shall not want"? Does that mean I don't want the Lord as my shepherd? What is "the valley of the shadow of death"? I could ask such a question of every phrase of the psalm.

Caring For Words, Part 2

How shall I reflect on the class I just finished?

Caring For Words

January Term has begun

I just started my January term this week at Western. January term is a three-week intensive of a single class. I have something to do or turn in every day, so I'm trying to get ahead of the class before things get too busy and I fall behind.

Starting Something New... Again.

Trying this again

I've started more blogs than I can remember. My longest running one probably was my Xanga. Next was maybe the first time I ran a site here on this domain, My girlfriend (now wife) helped me design that and she drew and scanned all these robots for me to use all over the site. Good times. Maybe waybackmachine has a copy of it somewhere. I definitely don't.