WordPress Plugin: Says Something Else

Posted: May 9, 2009

Before WordPress 2.7 you could only get threaded comments through plugins. One of the great things they finally added with WP 2.7 was threaded comments.

A quick web search should help you find the right tutorials to have your theme make use of this new comment system... and soon you'll discover a new function called wp_list_comments() that would simply dump out all the comments with correct markup for comment threading. AWESOME. For the most part, everything wp_list_comments() does is pretty good—It gives you good markup that you can easily style and some options.

But one thing I could never find out how to do was replace "says:" in the default comments template. After lots of forums and searching, I discovered that the only way to replace that text would be to write your own callback function to display the comments. WTF?! That's a lot of work just to change some simple text! definitely NOT worth the effort... so instead I wrote a simple plugin to change the text after the page is loaded.

Says Something Else takes a set of words that you define, and replaces "says" in the comments area. if you define more than one word, it will replaces "says" with a randomly chosen word from the list. Pretty simple. Download away!

6 comments on “WordPress Plugin: Says Something Else”

  1. you are such a noobz0r it is not even funny.

    i like pizza.


  2. what if the commenter got to choose what 'says something else' was? if computers start doing everything for us, soon, we'll be doomed... as they take over the world... in robot form. but more advanced. and without hearts. =/