stand burger

Posted: May 6, 2009

my friend brian and i like to visit burger places in the city. today brian, terri and i went to a new place called Stand. pretty good burger. so good i forgot to take pictures of my own burger and i had to take pictures from afar of other people's burgers for this post. they have pretty big patties and they were pretty juicy. i would very much recommend and will definitely go there again.

some pics i snapped of other people's burgers...



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  1. yummmm. is this the place with the fried pickles? we asked if they had any we could order as a side but then they said no and took our menus 🙁

  2. this place is really awesome, the burgers aare the best i ever had the home blend that they use in their incredible 7oz patties is the best also the turkey burgers are not dry as u expect to be since is turkey everything in this place is homemade as far i know all sauces and fries and patties the bread is so so but everything else is really good!!!!!!
    my personal opinion is that you go there for the toasted marshmallow shake, also now they are building a bigger bar what else can we ask for great burgers and soon the boost for the weekends at the same place great!!!!!

  3. looks like it was a good find - thanks for the post, i'm gonna check it out!

    1. it's actually random. sometimes it's not "yelled". it's the new nearly useless plugin that i wrote.

      1. oo it is dynamic on page load...i like it. i think it's entertaining. let's get this burger sometime.

  4. Ben and I went to go eat there today! Their fried pickles and fries were great but the burger was mediocre. The waiter got our order wrong too and we had to wait another 30 minutes. I complained and we got our meal on the house so it worked out 🙂

  5. i just tried this place last night with wendy...

    I had the house burger.
    it was ok-- i've had better...

    then we had some shoe string fries, which were essentially potato chips.

    sorry to poop the partay.