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Posted: April 29, 2009

since the death of my short-lived fork of SexyBookmarks (which i called DamnSexyBookmarks) all my changes in my fork have been merged back into the parent project and in my spare time i've been fixing up and adding patches there. Josh has adopted me as another developer to the parent plugin so i've been chugging away.

in addition to cleaner code, the latest release i did this morning reformats and reorganizes the admin config panel. new features have been added on and the options were getting cluttered.

before and after screenshot...




i think this project is nearing the point where i'm pretty satisfied with it. i think the only thing i'd want to see improved is a better feed display. currently it's just a bulleted list and isn't all that attractive... that's why i added the option to hide it from the feeds.

Josh, the other developer has plans to add localization so people in other countries could use their own social networking sites and see the plugin in their own language. personally not a big thing for me since... the plugin's already in english... and i speak english... but for those of you who care about that stuff... it's coming.

anyway... this was just an update from the robot-nerd side of life. i've been getting a lot of visits from people looking for that stuff lately.

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  1. I have to say that I don't regret bringing you on as a second developer in this project. Your speed of updates as well as the quality of those updates is phenomenal. Thanks again for the outstanding help!

    1. i'll contact you via email. this seems to be a deeper problem w/ the theme you are using and not so much the plugin itself.

    1. are you using the latest version of the plugin? if so, can you link me to a page where you're seeing "Array" on hover?

  2. I had the same "array" problem.
    Not sure why this problem happens to some, but I was able to resolve it.
    After downloading the plugin, open the file damn-sexy-bookmarks.php in wordpad or any other text editor, scroll to line 335 in bookmark_list_item() function and replace lines 335 and 336 from:

    This should fix it.

  3. I got to the source of the problem and posted my investigation path here -
    I hope this would help, but the project has been migrated from damnsexybookmarks to sexybookmarks and there are a few places where you download the plugin from. Some places have an old version that had this problem, make sure you search for sexybookmarks instead of damnsexybookmarks. There are a lot of improvements and more bookmarking options besides the error. 🙂

  4. hi this is norman, one of the developers for sexybookmarks and the guy who forked this version initially. the problem that's being listed here is due to your server's configuration not supporting PHP short tags.

    i apologize about that. this was my first plugin that i worked on and i didn't think about that. to fix this issue in THIS plugin, replace all instances of "<?" that is not "<?php" with "<?php" within the main plugin file and you should be good to go.