side projects with flourishlib

Posted: June 5, 2009

i like to start side projects... but i rarely finish them.

they keep my mind busy when things are lighter at work or when i have nothing better to do; very rarely will you ever find me "bored".

lately my work place has been looking into PHP frameworks for helping us jumpstart projects. i'm generally not a big fan of frameworks since they tend to get in the way after a while. i've instead built my own little library of generalized functions that i use on nearly every project a work on and i just add new features as i need them...

anyway, after some r&d at work w/ frameworks, i discovered this small library called flourish that i'm taking a particular liking to. i've only toyed with it for a few days but so far i like it. it's pretty small and generally well documented and takes care of some security issues i've been too lazy to care about. i found some parts of it a bit skimpy. i added some support in their templating class for combining css and js and i'm currently working through their database abstraction.

so to play with this library i resurrected one of my abandoned side projects so i have a purpose for using this. maybe i'll link that side project here when/if i finish. if you're a nerd, check out the library. so far so good.

and nobody paid me to write this short review.