since my last post

Posted: October 9, 2012

i realize my last post was a very very long time ago.

notable things off the top of my head that have happened since may 2011:

  1. i got a job
  2. i got married
  3. i moved to woodside (queens!)
  4. i went to iceland (honeymoon)
  5. i went to taiwan/philippines/hongkong
  6. i changed churches and joined a church planting team (downtown flushing)
  7. i quit my job and started freelancing
  8. took a course in biblical greek
  9. i visited the pacific northwest
  10. then took a trip to italy (venice and a day in florence)
  11. visited herman in LA
  12. oh... and i'll be a dad... really really soon!

ok! i'll revive this blog soon and write about my adventures again

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