Rehema Grace Yung

Posted: November 21, 2012
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picture-heavy post ahead...

on october 26, 2012 we welcomed Rehema Grace Yung into the world. she is beauuuutiful! and i am a very very proud and happy father. she's been a joy to have at home. she eats and sleeps a lot and isn't too fussy. someone told us that God must really like us because he gave us such an easy baby to start (=

she is almost 1 month old and looking through all the pictures in the past month, it's amazing how much she has grown in the past four weeks. she eats more than we think possible for a little person her size... where does it all fit in there??? she does make some amazing poops though and every time she farts, both steph and i hear it and look at each other before laughing.

at night she sometimes sleeps on me... i think she likes my belly; it's soft and warm. i've been getting pretty good at moving around the house without arching my body too much so she doesn't wake up.... it's probably unneccessary though because like her daddy, she sleeps like a rock. we've run the vacuum cleaner, washed dishes pots and pans, blasted mumford and sons on the speakers, and she doesn't even budge. we have such a happy baby!

steph and i have been doing well at home. we've been getting decent sleep and have been playing lots of qwirkle and carcassonne. anyway, enjoy the pictures for now. maybe you're already sick of them from my instagram and twitter feeds. but never fear! there will be more pictures to come!

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