teeth in the game

Posted: October 1, 2018

it’s been a long silence. one of the things i wanted to avoid but here i am; i’m trying to go back and keep this from stalling indefinitely. school starting (for the babies) and church work going full steam does make for a pretty busy week. nonstop train rides to pick up and drop off. meetings with people every other night (or so it seems). i shared with the cgls last week that i have not had time for rest… to pause and relax. this past saturday was perhaps the first… finished my sermon early. had a great day in the playground with the babies. bike ride was nice. snl at the end of the day was a nice treat.

here i am at the beginning of the month… my anniversary no less! (i had not realized it in the midst of busyness!) i’m leading a cg this week… for the first time in ages. there will be ministry muscles i haven’t regularly used in quite a while. this will be so hard. but i am looking forward to new stories. new experiences. new relationships that will recognize who they are in christ and live into their story as children of the king. i told people yesterday in a f&w work class that i’m just making this up as i go. for the most part it’s true. but i also recognize that even if i don’t know exactly where i’m going, the spirit does and i can be confident in that.