too close?

Posted: April 15, 2008

i had a rough night last night. it started out well. i got a lot of work done... but it ended so badly. i get really upset when people that matter to me are upset at me. it's kinda like what ive been telling WT, "we're getting closer, and things are gonna get good... but also gonna get messy." i've been getting closer w/ my little friends from columbia. i love them to death. i keep saying (and i think it's true) that they could get me to do almost anything... all they have to do is ask.

i didn't realize how much what they thought and felt meant to me until last night when a small joke went horribly wrong. as i looked inward, i dont think i felt the way that i felt last nite since i made someone else who is very very close to me upset. ::sigh:: too close?

the more i think about it, i'm leaning on a 'no'. this is part of growing together as friends and loving each other. i think what i told WT is still true. things will get good, but also kinda messy.