burgers and snow

Posted: December 16, 2008

today i had a five guys burger for lunch. it's been a long time. i was so happy to be at five guys that i took a picture so i could post about it. it was very yummy.


and while at five guys it started to snow. like BIG CHUNKS of snow. i  tried to take a picture but i dont think i could capture the bigness of the snow. anyway. it looked nice. eating a yum burger and watching snow fall.



3 comments on “burgers and snow”

  1. ooo where's 5guys? i didnt know they were in nyc! i tried it when we went up to hartford before thanksgiving. nyums!

  2. I ate at a Five Guys last week. It was pretty good. The fries and soda never seemed to end (and I only got the regular size).