Positively 2022

Posted: January 21, 2022

Happy New Year! I know it's almost the end of January already but it's been an eventful month that I just wanted to mark. Our family started the new year with rapid tests indicating that we were Covid-19 positive. I really didn't think it would happen to us since we've been fairly good about safety measures, but it did! A great way to start the year!

For us, this meant that we had to extend our holiday break and stay in. All of us had scratchy throats and mild coughs. Maybe a bit of tiredness. Steph had it the worst but it seemed bearable. In the beginning only some of us were positive so we quarantined ourselves in a separate apartment. I was positive too but stayed in my room. I only came out to make meals and do house chores (for the most part I was asymptomatic). The girls were pretty happy. The youngest who had to isolate first was the happiest covid baby, getting Mommy all to herself. The older two practically read all day. I felt very grateful that they're comfortable on their own and that we didn't have too many worries; our symptoms were pretty mild.

We had some covid+ only gatherings (only people who tested positive could join). Our friend was positive during his birthday so we had a cake and a feast! When we finally all tested positive and reunited from quarantine, we played games! Covid life wasn't all that bad!

My church/work responsibilities were taken care of by other very capable leaders and staff. I spent more time reading; finally finished Jesus and John Wayne. I wonder if anyone else I know has read it; would love to process with other people.

And for a few days, I resurrected this blog. With the help of the Way Back Machine and old archives I was able to find some really really old posts. I've left them as-is because they capture me from a particular period. There are definitely some old gems in here. I had to merge together a number of different data sources to put this all together; I hope I never have to do that again. I want to say I'll write more. One good friend keeps asking me to. Maybe I will. Maybe I won't. I know better than to make such promises in January. =D