Arizona Trip 2022

Posted: March 9, 2022

Just a photo dump from our trip. I really liked this trip. Maybe it was the timing. I didn't think I needed it as much as I did.

One of the first things we did was hike Camelback. It was quite a hike. Lots of scrambling needed. Most of my pictures are in the back of the pack with Isaya. At her own pace, she did it. I was so proud of her and how she kept going an didn't want to give up. The older girls ran up front. Selah event went back another time to beat a summit time record for her age.

We also did smaller and easier hikes in Papago park. Hole in the Rock. Botanical Gardens. Double Butte. Big Butte. butte butte butte.

But one of the things I enjoyed the most were the plants. I loved the Saguaro trees. I didn't know that it takes 5-10 years just to grow an inch. And that it takes ~75 years to sprout the first arm. All the trees in the Saguaro National Park are so old. I love standing next to things that have been around for a long time.

And here's some more photos in no particular category. Fry Bread. Noble Bread Pretzels from Wilderness. Saturday Market. Pool. Martha Washington. Larry the pine cone. Wilballywobballywoo. Shashibo cube. We had a good time!